Musica Solis

MUSICA SOLIS is an independent classical record label, sheet music publisher, and creative concert presenter based in New York City.  We are dedicated to producing the highest quality recordings and presenting artists in uniquely curated concert settings. Through our artist consulting initiative, we aim to guide and mentor emerging classical musicians to become independent entrepreneurial leaders of their generation. 

As the sun gives us light, music gives us power!


    Musica Solis is an artist-focused independent classical record label. Partnering with the best in the music industry, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality recordings. We support artists to retain full rights to their work and help enhance their unique creative artistry.


    We sell sheet music! Browse our growing catalogue and order printed sheet music on Amazon, SheetMusic Plus or download PDF directly from here. Get FREE downloads too! Our catalogue is constantly growing, so please check back regularly for the newest uploads and interesting additions.


    Do you have a unique recording project or innovative concert ideas? Are you overwhelmed about getting started and in need of personal coaching on how to make your dream a reality? Let us support you. We aim to mentor musicians to become independent entrepreneurial leaders of their generation.


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