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From the Depths-Album Cover
From the Depths-Back Cover

Title: From the Depths

Artist: Jonathan Russell

Composer: Jonathan Russell

Executive Producer: Seunghee Lee

Producer and Engineer: Jonathan Russell

Mastering Engineer: Steven Sacco

Recording Dates: Oct-Dec 2021, Jan 2022, Jan 2024
Recording Venue: Prince Street Studio, Cambridge, MA

Instrument: Bass Clarinet

Genre: Classical 


Release Date: June 28, 2024

Label: Musica Solis 

EAN/UPC: 197999820174

Catalog Number: MS202406

Configuration: CD and Digital

Total Time: [45'46]

“From the Depths” is both a literal description of the soundworld this album inhabits, and also a metaphor for its emotional and spiritual landscape. The bass clarinet ensemble sound is rooted in the instrument’s deep resonances, but also rises and soars from these depths to unexpected heights, with a vast range of not only pitches but also colors and textures. Metaphorically, much of the music on this album springs from dark places of sorrow and contemplation – but also rises up from these depths into realms of consolation and hope.

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