Classically Exposed: Musical Crossroads "Piano Illusions" by Igor Lipinski

Piano Illusions is a unique recital program featuring pianist and magician Igor Lipinski. Originally from Poland, Lipinski first started working on the program of music and magic as an undergraduate piano performance major at the Eastman School of Music. After an inspiring collaboration on the show with Teller of Las Vegas duo Penn & Teller, Lipinski won the WQXR Classical Comedy Contest at Caroline’s on Broadway. In light of his success in New York, he presented Piano Illusions across the world, from Hong Kong to New York City, and performed the show with several U.S. orchestras including Rochester Philharmonic and Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra. As an Assistant Professor of Piano at the University of Oklahoma, Lipinski continues to explore a variety of unconventional and multidisciplinary recital practices to reimagine the traditional format of a piano recital and to think outside of the box about the changing tastes of today’s audience. For tickets, Click Here!

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Seunghee Lee, Artistic Director

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