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Port Mande

February 26, 2022, 2pm

Featuring clarinetist Mark Dover and pianist Jeremy Jordan, the duo, Port Mande. This program showcases music composed by each of the members in a range of styles. “Our original music runs the gamut from jazz, electronic, hip hop, and neosoul, to definite but veiled touches of contemporary classical.” Much of the music performed is original music of Dover and Jordan’s from their latest EP, “Is This Loss” released in late 2020. Other works include Dover’s arrangement of Schumann’s Dichterliebe as well as a kid piece for clarinet and piano by Jonathan Ragonese, commissioned by Dover. Port Mande will be joined by Bassist Dan Asher, Drummer Leon Boykins and Soprano Faylotte Crayton.

Port Mande (formerly Duo Process), is the collaborative partnership between clarinetist Mark Dover of Imani Winds and pianist/producer Jeremy Jordan. The name Port Mande is a play on the linguistic term “portmanteau” – a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, like the word smog (itself a blend of “smoke” and “fog”). Much like a portmanteau, Dover and Jordan’s artistic partnership is a blend of all of their vast musical influences – both having worked prolifically in classical, jazz, hip hop, gospel, pop, and world music scenes. Port Mande’s mission is to bring all cultures of people together by embracing music of every genre.

For more information about Port Mande, please visit:

COVID-SECURE The performance will last approximately 60 minutes. For your safety and enjoyment, vaccination information will be screened at the door to ensure this performance is Covid secure and meets safety regulations that are appropriate at the date of the event.

About Us: “Classically Exposed: Musical Crossroads" is a series co-created by clarinetist, Seunghee Lee and New York historian, Charles R. Hale, both avid supporters of the arts and music culture in New York City. Ms. Lee has multiple solo albums to her credit and currently is the founder and director of Musica Solis, a classical record label, sheet music publisher and artist consulting company dedicated to guiding and mentoring classical musicians of all levels to become entrepreneurial leaders of their generation.

Charles R. Hale is a cultural and musical historian by education, who focuses on blending, imagery and performance art to create uniquely New York experiences. His historically-themed shows incorporate story, music, imagery and dance. These can be experienced in his productions, such as “Crossing Boroughs,” which was performed at the Museum of the City of New York, “The Musical History of the Lower East Side,” and “New York City: A Shining Mosaic”. For more information, please visit their websites.

Seunghee Lee, Artistic Director

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