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Based on five stages of grieving (denial, depression, anger, bargaining, and acceptance), my third album, SOLACE (2016) is a “Healing Through Music” project, created in honor of my father whose life was taken away in senseless gun violence in the South Side of Chicago.


I produced SOLACE as a way to pay tribute and bring closure to the 25 years of silently grieving. I dedicate this project to offer comfort and healing to millions of other families suffering silently due to the loss of their loved one in such unexplainable circumstances in life.


Let's spread music and love, not bullets and hatred, to make this world a better place and let the healing power of music enable us to seek compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, and love for one another.  


Release date: March 28, 2016

Solace (CD)

SKU: MS2016
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  • Program

    1. Ravel: Kaddish (Arr. Lee)[05:11]

    2.Bach: Ave Maria - Meditation [02:41]

    3. Mangani: Pagina D'album [03:21]

    4. Purcell: When I Am Laid In Earth (Arr. Lee) [03:38]

    5. Cortazar: L'adieu (Arr. Lee) [02:17]

    6. Vavilov: Ave Maria  (Arr. Lee) [04:11]

    7. Mozart: Lacrymosa (Arr. Lee) [03:09]

    8. Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5  [05:32]

    9. Danny Boy (Arr. Lee) [03:01]

    10. Lee Hin: A Story Of Ups And Downs by Lee Hin [03:48]

    11. Kim: Gagopa [03:51]

    12. Mendelssohn: On Wings of Song (Arr. Lee) [02:35]

    13. Mangani: Ave Maria Adagio for Strings [02:17]

    14. Arlen: Over The Rainbow (Arr. Lee) [03:25]

    15. Albert: Reflections [02:33]

    16. Routledge: My Peace (Arr. Lee) [02:20]

    17. Bach: Sleepers Awake (Arr. Lee) [03:07]

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