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Turning Into Song is a world-premiere recording featuring 15 exquisite songs based on poems by Lucy Miller Murray, created by six composers including Jeremy Gill, Paul Moravec, Jake Heggie, Eugene Drucker and Michael Stephen Brown. The album is the result of a commissioning project that started in 2010 and lasted over a decade, offering a fascinating exploration of Murray's work from the 1960s to the present. The performances on the album are by talented musicians such as David Shifrin on clarinet, mezzo-soprano Susannah Woodruff, Yevgeny Yontov on piano, as well as Eugene Drucker, David Finckel, Mischa Bouvier and Seunghee Lee. 


LIMITED EDITION: Autographed by David Shifrin, Paul Moravec, Eugene Drucker, Jeremy Gill, Lucy Miller Murray. Get yours NOW! 


Release date: August 25, 2023

Turning Into Song

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  • Program

    1. Gill: Words [01:50]

    2. Gill: On Hearing a Very Famous Man Speak Profoundly [05:56]

    3. Gill: Please Take My Words [02:31]

    4. Drucker: Of Troubled Times [01:42]

    5. Moravec: I Have Held My Days Like Beads [02:05]

    6. Moravec: Love Leaps Along in Crooked Lines [01:06]

    7. Moravec: Oh, Poor Words That Sing of Love [02:52]

    8. Brown: Bronze Statue of a Man [02:59]

    9. Brown: Marble Statue of Aphrodite [00:54]

    10.Brown: Ambiguous Angel [05:18] 

    11. Heggie: Ode to Image [02:54]

    12. Heggie: Would That I Were Edna St. Vincent Millay [04:06]

    13. Wilson: On the Death of Juan Gelman [05:54]

    14. Wilson: My Antique Phrases [03:26]

    15. Wilson: Words and Music- An Argument [07:25] 

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